Environmental Science is an interdisciplinary applied scientific study of environments based on knowledge obtained from Biology, Chemistry, Economics, Physics and Geography, statistics. The central philosophy is to prepare environmental scientist capable of sustainably managing the environment, through education and research. The department of environmental sciences is a newly established department. However during its short existence history it has been recognised by employers around the country. Our department offers courses aimed to equip students with strong disciplinary skills to become environmental scientists capable to address national and international level environmental issues. If studying full time, an MSc degree can be completed in two years of study after BSc respectively. An M-Phil can be completed in minimum of two years; one year course work and one year of dedicated research thesis. An admission into M-Phil programme requires 16 year of education (BSc (Hons) or MSc). M-Phil often leads directly onto a PhD programme however; M-Phil degree is also well recognised qualification in its own right. A PhD programme can be completed in three to four years. An admission into PhD programme requires at least 18 year of education (MSc (Hons) or M-Phil).