Environmental Waste Management Group

Research Interests:

  • *) Environmental chemistry
  • *) Production and application of biochar from agricultural and solid waste materials
  • *) Carbon sequestration and climate change mitigation
  • *) Environment friendly utilization of waste resources
  • *) Remediation of contaminated soils and waters
  • *) Revitalization of abandoned soils
  • *) Wastewater treatment
  • *) Waste management


Completed Research:

  • *) Revitalization of saline soil by electrokinetic remediation
  • *) Stabilization of lead and copper in the e-waste contaminated soil using sludge derived biochar
  • *) Immobilization of lead and copper in firing range soil using bone-powder and bone-char
  • *) Synthesis of slow release fertilizer and its application in soil for plant productivity
  • *) Designing and optimization of a cost-effective pyrolyzer for biochar and bio-oil production from biowaste
  • *) Removal of lead (Pb) and cadmium (Cd) from water by modified biochars derived from peanut shells
  • *) Effect of orange peel derived biochar on herbicides mobility in agricultural soil
  • *) Enhanced removal of chromium(VI) from tannery industry wastewater and soil remediation with biochar
  • *) Adsorption of moxifloxacin and ofloxacin from water using biochars produced from different feedstock
  • *) Carbon negative potential of biochar derived from solid waste in saline soil
  • *) Potential of saw dust- and rice husk-derived biochars on leaching behavior of arsenic in contaminated soil
  • *) Nitrates and phosphates removal from water by biochar and its application to soil as fertilizer
  • *) Revitalization of saline soil with acidic biochar derived from municipal solid waste