Department of Environmental Sciences was established in September 2011 with more than seventy students leading to M.Sc, M.Phil and PhD degrees. It is an integrated program designed to provide a comprehensive knowledge of the fundamentals of biological and natural sciences in solving environmental problems. The program focuses to pioneer a new generation of research and teaching methods that understand the issues, and arrive at solutions to pressing societal problems;prepares its graduates to understand environmental systems, predict environmental change, participate in the management of the environment, and contribute for the promotion of the sustainable society.
The graduates are expected to play a critical role in coordinating multidisciplinary input to assure successful deployment that is necessary in meeting emerging environmental challenges in Pakistan, throughout the region and around the global.
Upon completing their degrees, students will be prepared to conduct research in national research laboratories, field stations, universities, as well as institutes and corporations in the private sector. Graduates may find careers in federal, state, and local government agencies that are charged with managing natural resources. Students completing the Environmental Sciences Graduate Program will also find employment in the private sector with productive careers in industry and consulting firms.