Hydrology and Hydrogeochemistry

We are a passionate group of researchers on water resources, hydrogeochemistry, hydrology, climate change, and sustainable development under the supervision of Dr. Abida Farooqi. Her research on hydrogeochemistry and various aspects of the environment spans over two decades. She has also pioneered research on arsenic and fluoride pollution in Pakistan. 

Our research group investigates various environmental problems and their prospective solutions through laboratory analysis and field studies. We use several tools and techniques such as satellite-based remote sensing, geospatial techniques, and high-resolution monitoring instruments. With our research, we hope to provide authentic and applicable insights into environmental resources and challenges. 

A major part of our research is designed to provide accurate and up-to-date information on water resources, enabling more informed decisions about their management and use. We are actively involved in community work as well. For instance, our research group has blanket tested more than 25000 wells across Punjab for water quality along with arsenic and fluoride contamination. 

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality research and delivering reliable, accurate, and useful results. Our experienced team of researchers and environmentalists is dedicated to helping our clients make informed decisions about surface and groundwater resources.

We are also committed to collaborating with stakeholders and industry partners to ensure that our research is beneficial to communities across Pakistan. We recognize the importance of working together to ensure the effective management and sustainability of our environmental resources.