MPhil & PhD Courses

Code No . Course Title Credits
ENV-5501 Environmental Analytical Techniques 3
ENV-5502 Project Development and Management 3
ENV-5503 Occupational Safety and Environment 3
ENV-5504 Advanced Urban Ecology and Management 3
ENV-5505 Plasma (Discharge) Chemistry in Energy Systems and Environmental Control 3
ENV-5506 Multivariate Data Analysis in Ecology 3
ENV-5507 Ground and Surface Water Chemistry 3
ENV-5508 Ecotoxicology 3
ENV-5509 Climate Change and Global Warming 3
ENV-5510 Topics in Contaminant Environmental Hydrology 3
ENV-5511 Topics in Environmental Hydrology and Surficial Processes 3
ENV-5512 Heavy Metal Toxicology 3
ENV-5513 Bioinformatics Tools in Environmental Science 3
ENV-5514 Environmental Contaminants and Genetic Engineering 3
ENV-5515 Food Chain Contamination and Human Exposure 3
ENV-5516 Research Methods in Environmental Monitoring 3
ENV-5517 *Selected Topics and Recent Reviews in Environmental Science 3
ENV-652 Advances in Remote Sensing (RS) and GIS 3
ENV-516 Research Planning and Scientific Writing 3
ENV-673 Spatial Analysis in Ecology 3
ENV-565 Water and Waste-Water Treatment Processes 3
ENV-500 Seminar 3
ENV-657 Environmental Bioremediation 3
ENV-658 Environmental Pollution 3
ENV-681 Fresh Water Ecology 3
ENV-683 Biofuel Technology 3
ENV-688 Ecological Risk Assessment 3
ENV-563 Biodegradation 3
ENV-566 Renewable Bioenergy 3
ENV-567 Quality Control and Assurance 3
ENV-568 Research Innovation and Entrepreneurship 3
ENV-570 Biosafety and Biosecurity 3
ENV-574 Bioprospecting 3
ENV-616 Limnology and Fisheries 3
ENV-624 Pest Management 3
ENV-629 Geoinformatics for Biodiversity and Conservation 3
ENV-631 Landscape Ecology 3
ENV-669 Remote Sensing of Environment 3
ENV-672 Oil Fertility and Fertilizers for crop improvement 3
ENV-680 Wetlands Ecology: Principles and Conservation 3
ENV-685 Aquatic Botany 3
ENV-687 Streams and River Ecology 3
ENV-705 Bioethics and Dual Use Education 3
ENV-716 Biotechnology Law and Regulation 3